Gala Casino raises £6,000 for charity

Gala Casino is essentially a gambling company, which means that its top priority is to make profit and 1400x220_GC_Headerrun lucrative business.

This makes perfect sense in this highly competitive industry guts casino and much to their credit, they managed to stay afloat while being in complete accord with existing legislation.

Furthermore, the company is willing to go out of its way to help those in need and it is one of the most reliable contributors to various charities.

As always, they are trying to give something back to the community who supports them and this month, they raise an additional £6,000 for charity partner, Royal Voluntary Service.

If the name sounds strangely familiar, then you should know that these guys are making a significant impact in the United Kingdom, by helping those who are in need of help.

The VIP Christmas Party in London on 6th December was the place where they all came together and made this generous donation.
The aid organization has been looking for those less fortunate and they have an impressive network of specialists and caregivers.

What they need is the support of lucrative businesses and online casinos are the ones who should lend a helping hand. Many are frequently accused of taking advantage of people who have no control over their gambling issues, but not all of them are the same and Gala Casino is quite dedicated in its quest to help these people.

With Christmas just around the corner, it is important not to forget that there are some people who struggle to meet their bare necessities.

Gala Casino is also counting on the support of its members to make these generous donations, but a lot of money comes straight from the company’s coffers. The players were equally interested in helping and found it worthwhile to donate a small percentage of the money they spin over the Internet.

Good deeds are sometimes rewarded and some of these generous donors will receive VIP tickets to the Christmas party.

Given the success of the event that took place last week, it is only fair to assume that those who win such a ticket, will have a great time while feeling better about themselves.

Many celebrities are expected to attend, including those who are frequently in the spotlight when it comes to charitable events and this will ensure the success of this event.

A game of bingo will be played and the organizers are quite optimistic about the prospect of setting a Guinness world record.

This event also serves the purpose of raising awareness about the importance of helping communities and individuals alike.

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