Favbet launches highly anticipated ZonePlay

Favbet is on an offensive and the Eastern European gaming company tries to expand beyond borders, while becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Western part of the continent. logo

The introduction of new slot machines and the addition of plenty of new table games are going to help their efforts.

Furthermore, they decide to sign a deal with Buzz Sports, so that they will be able to provide the ZonePlay product to their customers.

This is not exactly a surprise, even though the news was unexpected for many existing members, with the talks starting many months ago. Now that this is official and an agreement has been signed, the two parties are expected to enjoy a surge in the number of players.

Favbet is guaranteed to benefit from the implementation of this feature and the same goes for their customers who are located in Ukraine and Russia. They represent the vast majority of their players and their number is expected to go even higher.

The betting options were already comprehensive, but the online gambling operator had no intention in limiting itself to what is already available. By making the transition to the retail side of the business, they will provide punters with a solid argument in favor of sticking around and betting exclusively here.

ZonePlay is a very dynamic in-play betting product, which invites participants to wager on the next event, in a broad spectrum of sporting competitions.
Depending on the sport of choice, there are plenty of potential outcomes, with football fans being supposed to wager on corners, free kicks, goals and so on.

The number of combinations is impressive, so those who have the interest in watching the games live as they unfold, will enjoy the adrenaline rush. The same goes for tennis games, which have dozens of different markets and several potential outcomes for each point, so once again players are guaranteed not to get bored anytime soon.

Buzz Sports’ Chief Commercial Officer was particularly happy with the terms of this deal, as it presents the company with the means of expanding into new territories. The ZonePlay brand has already proved is worth with other casinos and bookies, so it is only fair to assume that it will be well received by Favbet.