Texas hold‘em is the game that has most fans

Most fans all over the world, so a poker variant that goes by the name of Double Hold’em should be twice as entertaining.

While there are some similarities between the two games, this one is slightly more difficult and it has the potential of becoming the next big thing.

Meanwhile, the community is on the rise and those who want to stay competitive in this arena, should learn the basics before playing on real money.

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Basic rules and overview of the game

To start with, this type of poker is played on two tables, which means that instead of the standard board, players will have to pay attention to twice as many cards.


This applies to all four streets and as a result the number of combinations is significantly improved, so players who have an analytical approach are more likely to emerge victorious.

The principles of the game are identical to Texas hold‘em, as players need to make the best hand, by combining five cards including the community cards.

New players might be intimidated by the fact that there are two distinct lines, but the good news is that a single deck of cards is used so in total there will still be only 52 cards to factor in. The difficulty resides in the fact that players need to choose between one of the two rows when making their hand and they can’t combine the cards. At the end of each round, the player who has the best hand over each row wins half of the pot, unless the same player emerges victorious over both rows and wins all the money.


How to play Double Hold’em

By now you’re familiar with the rules and have a pretty accurate idea about how the game is supposed to be played. Those who have played Texas hold‘em before, will find the similarities striking and the fact that the pre-flop phases are identical, will appeal to them. There is a small and a big blind, with action going clockwise and each player needs to decide whether to check, call, raise or fold.

Players perform these actions on every street and each time, twice as many cards are revealed as compared to the standard Texas hold‘em game.

The difference between the two games becomes obvious on the last street, when players reveal their cards and the ones with the best five card hands win. If someone wins on both rows he or she gets the scoop, which means that the player collects the entire pot.